Jan 21, 2016

Bedroom & Bathrooms Re-Model

This is a project that I've worked on recently. The client needed to have her daughter's bedroom re-planned to look better without purchasing new bedroom furniture but by adding to what was already there and take out whatever wasn't necessary. She also wanted a new color scheme and a more adult pulled together look over all in the room.

We took out the existing old sofa and bench, desk, desk chair, bedding, carpet, and curtains. The desk wasn't being used and was eating up too much space in the room. We also added a new seating area to watch TV in the room or to sit down and read. The wardrobe being big and black was re-located behind the door so that it isn't hte first thing you see when you enter the room which made the space look bigger and brighter.

We went for a soft subtle blues and neutrals color palette for the room. The sofa, area rug, and coffee table are all from Home Center, Console is from Midas, and the chair is from The One. The curtains were custom designed and made at Mobel Decoration.

The client also wanted to remodel the en-suite bathroom for the above shown bedroom. They requested a more modern look with under sink storage and a bigger more glamorous mirror in the bathroom. The curtain rod was removed and replaced with a partial swing screen from Kafood, mirror replaced with a mirror from Midas, new sink from Nabina, and new shower tab, mixers, and ceiling light from Ansar Gallery.

The client also wanted to remodel the kids bathroom. They requested a more modern look with under sink storage and a shower that would stretch from wall to wall and have pebble stone tiles and be as seemless as possible and partially frosted. The existing shower was removed and replaced with a custom designed and fabricated shower. The mirror, sink, tabs and mixers, ceiling light, and new showerset are from Ansar Gallery.

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