Feb 26, 2014

2 Bedroom Apartment Finishing/Furnishing, a project by me

I'd like to apologize for the lack of attention and posting on my blog lately. The wedding, marriage, furnishing my own new home which is a forever ongoing project that I'm yet to post about, getting un-unexpectedly pregnant and work have gotten in the way of me posting here and on my facebook page.

Recently I've taken on a freelance job to finish and furnish a 2 bedroom apartment for a family of 3 at West Bay in Doha and I can finally share it with you guys!

My scope included;

-Meeting with the family regularly to determine their style, scope, favorite colors and activities, budget, and follow up on work.
-Furniture Layout for the entire Apartment, I did a survey, took measurements, and drew the plans myself as the renters had no plans of their apartment. 
-Color schemes creation for each room, except the master bedroom.
-Curtains design & fabrication for the entire Apartment 
-Furniture and Finishing selection for the entire Apartment except the master bedroom furniture, the family 
selected that.
-Selecting all kitchen big appliances and fitting the oven to look like a built-in piece with a stainless steel 
brushed frame and a box stand.
-Designing & selecting contractors to do some custom joinery work.
-Managing contractors, suppliers, and furniture arrivals and assembly.

The budget for all furniture, appliances, work done was within 50K-60K. 
Project time from start to finish was 2 months.

Now without further delay I will leave you with pictures from the project. I'm very glad that the family finally managed to move into their new home :)

Furniture Layout Plan
Living & Dining

Their Living/Dining area color scheme

Their Living/Dining area furniture board

Their Living/Dining Before photos

Their Living/Dining Before photos

Their Living/Dining During photos

Their Living/Dining During photos

Their Living/Dining During photos

Their Living/Dining During photos

Their Living/Dining During photos

Their Living/Dining After photos
Master Bedroom

The parent's bedroom was the room that I had the least amount of work at as the bedroom furniture/bedding were already selected, I designed and had the curtains made but unfortunately I do not have any photos of it. I did the layout of the room and some touches around.

Their dressing area was open leading towards their bathroom and they asked for a single shelf and hanger in each side of the dressing, the location of the switches prevented us from doing any partitions, the family was recommended to use curtains to elegantly hide the closet space behind on each side.

Before & After

Bed once dressed, linens selected by the family.

I did choose the curtains fabric and got them made and installed I sadly don't have any photos of the bedroom curtains though.
Master Bathroom

Their bathroom lacked storage thus the space under the cantilevered counter was great to design and add on some cabinets that would fit within the design of the space and would not look like an after thought.

Before & After

Gabriell's Bedroom

Their 3 years old son's bedroom color scheme

Their 4 years old son's bedroom furniture board

Their 4 years old son's bedroom Before photos

Their 4 years old son's bedroom During photos

Custom closet designed by me and executed by IKEA, the closet was supposed to be accompanied by a frame to make it look like it was built in, the family decided afterwards to push the closet towards one side and put hangers within the space left.

Their 4 years old son's bedroom After photo

Gabriell's Bathroom

His bathroom also lacked storage thus the space under the cantilevered counter was great to design and add on some cabinets that would fit within the design of the space and would not look like an after thought.

Before & After



In the kitchen I selected the appliances, the family needed a built in solution for the burners/oven, the marble was cut by a specialist and the burner modern stove was fitted in. The oven was shorter that the space provided so I designed a box to go underneath it to raise it up and that was then topped and covered by brushed stainless steal to match the cabinets' skirting.

Before & After

The family asked for curtains in their kitchen and tiny matching curtains to cover the washer which had a different finish than the rest of the kitchen appliances, was white instead of being grey/stainless.

Before & After 

So what do you think? Have you remodeled your home or a room in your home lately? share the love!


Feb 23, 2014

Trend Spotter: Pastels & Bold Forms

It seems like once again Fashion and Interior Design are both progressing simultaneously. Two hot trends in fashion that started for Fall & Winter for 2014 is still strongly being carried on and has been spotted on every runway during the latest fashion weeks around the world showcasing the SS14 collections. Those same trends have also gotten very hot and popular in furniture, interior, and product Design.

The two trends I'm talking about are pastel color palettes and using bold sculptural forms. In fashion that has been seen all over the runway and in street style during fashion weeks as models and fashionistas alike, rocked the latest hottest bold pieces in pastel soft colors. Pastels in all shades ranging from pinks, blues, peaches, to mint greens, and lavenders added a soft sweet twist to the over sized rigid looking coats and not very fitting sculptural silhouettes.

In furniture, product, and interior design these two trends have been rocked out by designers all over the world and have been featured in magazines, shops, and websites as the new must have/do for your home.

Pastels are so soft and serene, they give a sense of coolness, romance, and purity. Sculptural forms however, are very sharp, enduring, bold, and modern. Combing these two elements gives us a new take on pastels that is not necessarily strictly romantic and overly embellished and softens the edgy boldness of sculptural forms.

Whether it's combining pastels with black, which creates a super chic contrast

Pic on the right: from Ralph Lauren Resort runway 2014

Pic on the right: from The new Burberry Prorsum Spring/Summer 2014 campaign

Pic on the right: from Sonia Rykiel Resort 2014

combining pastels with soft grays and whites for a soft dreamy look

Pic on the right: from Burberry Prorsum Spring 2014

color blocking with pastels for a fun hip mix yet still very dreamy

Pic on the right: from DKNY’S Super-Sporty Spring Collection

or combing pastels with a neon pop for a fresh zest

The trend of using pastels and combining them with unusual forms for interior spaces and fashion is a trend that still strongly lives on!

so how do you like this trend? do you have an all pastel room in your house? what about a furniture piece that is all pastel? share the love and send us a photo and we'll publish it.


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