Feb 28, 2013

The Gate Mall Bathrooms, Interiors that I participated in designing

This should have been my first post ever but for some reason it completely slipped from my posts on every website and page I write at.

I was blessed to get the chance to intern at AECOM Middle East Limited- where I've been working for close to 2.5 years now- in Doha, Qatar as a junior year student in 2008.

I managed to do some of the coolest things during my internship period, unlike some really unfortunate design students who are only involved in "re-organizing" the resources library.

Some of the things I participated in were the selection of facade lighting, designing the patterns of the marble flooring throughout the mall, and designing the bathrooms which are the coolest bathrooms I've ever seen.

I designed them with and as an assistant to the senior interior designer, Charif Bouzo.

I will stop typing right now and just leave you with the pictures of the bathrooms of The Gate mall in Doha, Qatar.

Aren't they the most beautiful bathrooms ever?


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