Jul 12, 2015

Zara Home & Nada's Interiors this Ramadan, take 4

It's a wrap people! this is the last table in my collaboration series with Zara Home this Ramadan of Dinner Tables setups.

The table arrangements are to help you mix and match products to decorate and setup your table this Ramadan for Iftar or Sohoor parties or for lunch or dinner parties for Eid. Today's table has a simple and sophisticated modern look.

Some of the items are from the Royal collection which is produced especially for Zara Home The Middle East and is a limited edition, and some items that I've used in setting up this table are of limited numbers in stock. If you see something that you like do not wait and get to Zara Home to purchase and check out this table inside Zara Home Villageo, it will be on display until tomorrow inside the shop.

I will leave you with more photos of the table now and a description of the items I've used from Zara Home along with their price list

Table Cloth 275 Qar
Dinner Plate 30 Qar each
Desert Plate 25 Qar each
Pink Soup Plate 39 Qar each
Glasses 30 Qar each
Knives 35 Qar each
Spoons 35 Qar each
Forks 35 Qar each
Tea Spoons 30 Qar each
Clear Glass Plate 30 Qar each
Clear Glass Bowls 39 Qar each
Salt & Pepper Shakers 25 Qar each
Ashtray 79 Qar each
Rose Shaped Candles 70 Qar each
Serving Spoons Knifes and Forks 59 Qar each
Vase 115 Qar each
Candle Holder 25 Qar each
Serving Plates 115 Qar each
Bread Plates 25 Qar each
Big Bowls 179 Qar each
Ash trays 50 Qar each
Napkins 1 - 139 Qar
Napkins 2 - 35 Qar
Vase 139 Qar
Place Mat with Ruffles 79 Qar each
Napkin Rings 95 Qar per 4 pieces
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