Dec 4, 2015

Classical Powder Room & Wash Area, Designed by Me

في الصور تصميمي لحمام ضيوف و منطقة المغاسل الملاصقة لغرفة الطعام لأحد زبائني بتصميم كلاسيكي و أنيق بدرجات البيج و الأخضر
الثري دي من عمل الرائعة دعاء أحمد

This is my design work for a client who wanted a formal wash area/ powder room, adjacent to her formal dining & Majlis (salon) The design is formal, classic, and elegant yet still cost effective and different (for Qataries at least)
The brilliant 3d work was done by a 3d artist named Do'aa Ahmad here in Doha.

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