Dec 5, 2015

Blissful Sofitel Old Cataract in Aswan, Egypt

This must be the best hotel I've ever stayed at. We want to go back to Aswan just to enjoy this hotel a while longer as we were only there for 2 nights and it isn't enough to enjoy this enchanting hotel & city.

A small traditional coffee shop by the port
We went to Aswan this last November as part of our family trip to Egypt to visit my husband's family there- it is our first time since we got married and it's Farida's first time home in Egypt. I have been to many Egyptian cities before but this was my first time in Aswan and boy is it going to be the first of many.
A view of Philea Temple from the boat in Aswan, Egypt
It all started when we were planning the trip and I found a voucher in our entertainer travel book for a "pay for 1 night get 1 night free" for Sofitel Old Cataract in Aswan, Egypt. I went online to check the website and its reviews and I was astonished of how I didn't know about this hotel already as it is BEAUTIFUL.

The hotel was built around a 112 years ago and was the place where King Fouad & King Farouq stayed while in Aswan and it's indeed one regal place. It's a place you'd go to, to be absolutely isolated and spoiled in the at most luxury.

Sofitel Old Cataract's old building in Aswan, Egypt 
The landscaping of the hotel fades gradually into the beautiful natural landscape of the Nile in Aswan with the rocky hills covered in ancient ruins behind and the old sail boats in the water moving about. We were blessed to be able to watch the sunrises above that scene from our suite's balcony.

For breakfast the hotel serves a set menu of breakfast basic staples of cheeses  fruit, cold cuts, and a bread basket with your hot and cold drink choice. You can also add to that from their big menu. 

Breakfast Area

Hotel's Terrace
The hotel itself in terms of exterior and interior design is very colonial looking with parts of the public areas within the hotel having an African hunt lodge kind of feel with a very old world charm luxurious look.

Our room was in the new extension added to the hotel which isn't that new really as it was added in the 60's. The design of this extension was recently done to have a very modern luxurious look and that is where our room was situated. We had a luxury suit with a Nile river view and that's what I recommend. The amenities of the rooms are impeccable and the staff are so friendly and helpful, we got a nice welcoming drink on arrival and lots of tips from the staff + we got an upgrade from a regular room to a suite upon arrival! My understanding is that the rooms in the older building of the hotel- the main building- are done in an old world charm luxury sort of way but I didn't get to go into any of the rooms or suites within the old building.

Our beautiful suite

I seriously can't wait until my next stay at Sofitel Old Cataract.and next time I'm bringing more people along!

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