Oct 26, 2015

My Structured Bohemian Bedroom, Room Tour

I finally bring to you a well over due room tour, my own bedroom's that is since I've promised a while back that I will be sharing before and after's from my own home and that I'll share the overall design of the apartment 1 room tour at a time, I've already shared Farida's nursery, my 15 months old daughter, and this is the second room tour that I share.

My husband and I started looking at the design of the bedroom before our wedding, more than two years ago, We first worked on the layout, we had a great big niche in the bedroom that we decided to close off completely as a custom closet and we got it fitted, wall to wall and floor to ceiling and that was the best thing we did as our room is small as is our apartment and we try to make use of every single inch in it. The bed is actually bigger in reality than on the plan, and we ended up putting two dressers side by side instead of one because we needed the extra storage.

Then we started looking at colors, texture, and styles. We wanted something dreamy, has a little glamour chicness to it, not too pretentious, and has something grounding. Our wedding accent color was purple but it isn't why we chose purple for this room and it wasn't my sole choice, in fact my husband asked for lavender to be our paint color and that's where we started with our color scheme 

 Then we looked online and at different stores for furniture, hardware, finishes, and furnishings and we've put it all together to achieve this dream- what I would call "structured bohemian"- bedroom that we call ours.

And here is a more detailed photo tour of our bedroom

the closet was custom made to fit into the existing niche
I ordered designer brass pulls for the closets from Lewis Dolin, they shipped them to Doha directly
The beautiful hooks shabby wooden carved plate is from Zara Home 

The wallpaper was a limited edition online only purchase that was available at Anthropologie, I purchased the last few rolls they had left and they shipped them over to Doha. The bed was custom made with no headboard or foot board at a local shop in Doha. The beautiful bed cover that adds amazing texture and color to the room is a purchase we got on our honeymoon in Morocco. We love adding pieces to our home that we've purchased on trips, they add character to our home and remind us of the beautiful time we had there.  
The glass coasters and photo frame are wedding gifts from my cousin
The night stands are also from the Ikea Malm collection, I added these brass and mother of pearl handles from Anthropologie to customize them. The table lamps are from Ikea as well.
These two Malm dressers and makeup table are from Ikea but are customized by me be adding one of the pulls I purchased for the closet to the table and hand painting the gaps between the drawers in antique gold. You can check out the tutorial here. We added this piece of tapestry to temporary cover up where the old window style AC was fixed after we've replaced it with a split unit AC. I will have to revisit this part of the room as I'm not 100% happy with the current look of the tapestry in the room. 
The curtains were custom made in synthetic silk with an antique weave texture. They have a french pleat and are hung right under the crown molding and are 15cm longer than the wall in height so that they break nicely at the floor as they do. The mirror is from Life Style and it's a cheap replica of the famous Venetian mirrors
I have a few memorabilia from our wedding setup in nice vignettes on top of the dressers
I love to mix and match not only furniture in a room but also textures and in this case bedding, don't be afraid of mixing different colors and patterns within a room, they enrich it and add depth to a room
 Your bedroom, or apartment, or home for that matter do not need to be big and/or cost a ton for them to be beautiful. All they need is to reflect your personality and what you'd like to feel in them.

I hope you liked this room tour and the before & after's. I'd love to hear what you think and answer any questions you might have in the comments below.

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