Dec 16, 2014

Trend Spotter, 2014 wrap up

After looking through my Pinterest feed and favorite boards and posts online on what's been hot this year and still is beside the pastels and crystals and gems trends that have carried on since last year and I've posted about earlier. I've put together a little list of what has made a great success in homes around the globe this past year. A lot of those trends are seen mixed together in a single room.

So without further due, here is the scoop on what's been hot and still is!

Black and White

mainly mixed with metallic accents and natural unpolished surfaces like unfinished wood, concrete, natural fibers, etc. The black and white and greys palette allows the furniture forms and finishes to take center stage and shine

Triangles, 2D and 3D forms

in both forms, as in patterns and faceted furniture and accessories, triangles have managed to be the bombdiggity this year and are still trendy. The fascination with everything geometric continues but mainly triangles. Just like in Cubism furniture and decor items are today seen modified and simplified into forms made out of triangular facets (as opposed to cubes in cubism) almost like a partially polished gem.


Wildlife and the Wilderness as a theme has witnessed a great come back this past year but the fox specifically has come to replace the owl it seems. If you've been a trend spotter before you would've known how big "the owl" was, in motifs, decor, fabrics, and other decorative elements and while it was used in nurseries a lot and still are, the Fox has now replaced them. I'm not sure if the song "What does the Fox Say?" started all this but seeing fox motifs everywhere is definitely making me wonder.

Plus Signs

One thing that would keep thinking positively on your mind all day is looking at plus signs around your home...the plus sign teamed up with the black and white trend are widely popular still in 2D and 3D formats.


the use of metallic accents is very HOT this year, all metallics, although copper and brass are mainly the stars of this trend, silvers and other tinted metallics are still celebrated. Used with neutral surroundings and natural unpolished finished allows the metallic accent to pop. There is something about using metallic accents that makes you feel like you just stepped into a party, the glitz and sparkle it adds would glam up any space and add a festive feel to any room.

Tip Dyed Furniture

After the ombre trend in hair and food and furniture and interiors came the tip die in pretty much everything so interiors and product design followed as well. This one is quiet popular as a DIY project. To add a modern customized piece to your home, tape off the ends and paint it up in white, metallic, pastel, or a neon color, remove the tape and enjoy!

So which of these trends have you spotted or used in your home? which do you like the most? 

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