Oct 7, 2013

Trend Spotter: Crystals & Stones

This must be one of my favorite design trends to have come and stuck for a while now and is still hot, I'd vote that it's a timeless trend that will stick for years to come.

its using crystals and stones both natural and faux in furniture and home decor items. there is something about crystals gradients of colors, depth, rough beauty that makes them feel rich, unique, and exquisite.

Designers have caught onto this trend and produced a rainbow of home products that adopt this trend, from beautiful jewelry box

to coasters

to gilded platters

aren't there to die for?

to textiles for throw pillows and upholstery

to beautiful wall paper and wall coverings

to end tables, consoles, and coffee tables

to lamps of all sorts

So what is your Crystal/Stone piece? was it a splurge? or did it come cheap? is it the real deal or is it faux? share it with us

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