Sep 30, 2014

Private Villa - Salon, Dining, and Family Room, a project by me

Hi all,

This is the last mini project I've worked on, thought I'd share it with you. If you want to decorate your home on your own but need someone to put you on the right track and give you an "action plan" then you'd need to hire me to do the same work I've done for my latest client. The fees are much reduced than when hiring me to do full design/ execution/ furniture supplying/ project management.

Project Scope;
- An initial visit to the villa to see the rooms and meet with the client to determine what style/ needs they have for the rooms they need to have designed in their home.
-Creating a Color Scheme.
-Creating a mood/furniture board.
-Creating a furniture layout for each room.
-A final visit to present the design and discuss it with the client.
The project included 2 rooms/ 3 spaces;
- A family room for doing crafts, watching TV, storing media, books, and crafts supplies on the first floor (kids friendly).
- Connected formal sitting room & dining room on the ground floor for adult entertaining.
budget was open as per the client's request.
when asked, the clients' collective favorite colors were
Black, white, greys, blues, green (emerald, dark green), red, plum, pale pink & purple, and pale lemon yellow. 
I started with visiting the villa, talking to the clients about their needs in each space and how many people they wanted to be able to host, activities taking place in every room, and the style of their preference.
the style of their preference for the interiros of their formal dining/sitting was a rather complex one; eclictic, chinoiserie chic, old world meets modern, colonial!
Taking dimensions I produced plans and did a few layouts for them to choose from and then created colors and furniture boards that fit both; their style and needs.

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