Oct 4, 2013

Paint Perfect

Paint must be one of the cheapest and most versatile way of adding character and changing a place. However, a lot of people seem to rather play it safe and stick to white walls, trims, and ceilings and they forget that with paint, if you don't like it you can paint over it! that's the beauty of paint.

A lot of those who dare to step outside of their comfort zone and choose a color to paint their walls do not take into consideration the full picture. Skirting, Doors & Doors Frames, Crown Moldings, Trims, Window Frames, and Ceilings all together complete your space. Start thinking of your rooms as 3d spaces rather than 2d walls and you will have much better results the next time you choose to remodel a room or change the colors in one.

A client of mine and I sat together and worked on a new color scheme for her new bedroom/graphic studio. She wants something bold, young, graphic, and more of a studio than a regular bedroom and was dying to use black some how without it getting too intense or dark. Together we chose the following, a greyscale monochromatic scheme with pops of colors; white parquet floors, white ceiling and crown moldings and window trim, light grey walls, and charcoal grey skirting, door and door trim. Did all this talk inspire you? if it didn't, these pictures sure will!

The designer didn't paint the walls in this kids room, he/she installed grasscloth wallpaper but painted the window trim and crown molding in blue which happens to be an accent color in this room.

This is a very soft, elegant, and sophisticated looking dining room. The designer painted the walls in a minty blue color and just chose a darker, more dull shade of the same color to paint the trim, crown moldings, skirting, and windows frames.

This is a beautiful room that showcases a pale robin egg blue at its best. the skirting, trims, fireplace lintel, built in closet doors, and wainscoting!

Here, the designer plaid an analogue color scheme choosing colors adjacent to each other on the colors wheel and married blues, turquoises, and yellows on different walls and doors and kept the trim and floors white for a definition.

This is also an Analogue color scheme where the designer picked soft shades of the colors rather than saturated ones and went on and darkened and saturated the color of the trims. Notice the dark brown line along the top of the walls? that gives it quiet a modern edge

a beautiful complementary color scheme is completed with these raspberry glossy crown moldings

very modern, very sharp, and very sophisticated. The designer added white crown molding and white trim yet painted the walls and ceiling the same glossy dark deep sea green. It extends the walls and makes the room seem sculpted with the rounded top of the walls

monochromatic at its best is achieved here with a simple single accent color with the bed's upholstery being in a soft pale light mint color.

why not match your trim color to the color of a big piece of furniture.

pick an accent color that you have in your room and paint all of your trim with it, it will tie everything together.

or maybe just take that accent color and paint it over the ceiling! don't you just love this little girl's room

a primary color scheme is achieved by using the third color (blue) on a door rather on a piece of furniture. don't be afraid of painting your doors, that makes such a strong impact

the walls and all of the trim and floor are kept white to make them subside in the overall picture but the blue door definitely stands out

"God is in the details" add in extra details that you'd only see when a door is open that wide that you see it's side painted in a surprising pop of color

add more details to your door, paint the insets a different color and keep the rest of the color palette for your room simple yet sophisticated

another analogue color scheme achieved only by the flooring and painting the doors.

Don't ever be afraid of introducing color into your space and send us pictures! let us know what kind of look, feel, overall scheme your going for.

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