Mar 25, 2013

Vintage Doll House Gets a Renovation

This must be the coolest project I've ever came across online. An Interior Designer in Finland renovated a vintage doll house for her daughter with the help of her father, the grandfather, as a Christmas gift! She ripped off the old finishes in the house, wallpapered and painted the house and completed it with mini furniture, lights, and accessories.
She states on her blog, you will need Google Chrome to be able to translate her blog as it's in Finnish, that the windows wooden frames and windows treatments are being made currently- hence why the windows are bare, as to apologize for the house not being 100% completed! That’s a perfectionist at work for ya!
I will leave you with the pictures and say no more till after you've seen them and let you submerge yourself in all the mini details she has added to this house.

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures as much as I did, I had a doll house growing up, it was a plastic mass produced off-the shelf store bought doll house but I was still crazy about it nonetheless, I got it as a gift from my grandparents when I turned 5 and I actually have pictures of myself receiving that doll house from my grandma as my birthday party at kindergarten, I should pull that out and share it with you. I don't have the house anymore though, all my siblings had their fair amount of fun times with it but my mom gave it away at some point when we were "older kids".

Doesn't it just amaze you how interior designers can actually be put to work in fields no one thinks of when choosing a major and applying for university? how about a "doll house" designer for a career, would you like to pursue that?

Did you have a dollhouse that you were crazy about? share the pictures with me and I will share them here.

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