Sep 24, 2013

Riad Fes

during our honeymoon in Morocco we staid in Fes for 3 nights at a great Riad hotel called Riad Fes If you are ever in Fes you've got to stay there or at least visit for an exquisite meal in their excellent gourmet restaurant. The hotel follows the traditional Moroccan architectural method of a courtyard surrounded by rooms. The hotel is part of the Relais et Chateaux chain and consists of 5 different old houses which were purchased over time as the hotel expanded. All of the design work is new and not original to the 5 houses. the hotel includes a small garden, pool, 3 courtyards (Moroccan- Andalusian- Baroque) the rest of the hotel includes traditional moroccan detailing along with modern lines and luxuries especially the part that includes the spa, pool, and breakfast area which were completely designed in a contemporary style with some modern takes on traditional Moroccan bits.

this is the main lobby courtyard in the Riad, the mix of traditional Islamic and Moroccan architecture with french classic furniture in such hot colored upholstery is absolutely beautiful.

The ceiling is really high in this courtyard which makes you feel like you've stepped into a palace in ancient time.

I had to snap a picture of a ton of details in this lobby. I can't believe that they designed and executed all of the designs in this entire section of the hotel within 2 years, crazy right?!

you can tell the level of work that went into detailing this hotel when the steps risers look like this. is this beautiful color combo doing it for you? it definitely is to me!

looking up to the ceiling in a reading nook in the main lobby

they have an amazing old piano in the main lobby, didn't see anyone playing it but I assume someone does on certain events or nights maybe?

I spy a lounging handsome hubby <3 td="">

Isn't this just so lovely? Yeap we are still in the Main Lobby! can't believe how intricate it is.

stepping out from that beautiful lobby you find yourself in a small garden separating the originally different houses buildings

We had dinner in the Andalusian courtyard, Relais et chateaux markets its hotels as being those of charm and gourmand, you can tell its charming alright and I can assure you the food here is the best, we had a fantastic gastronomic dinner experience by this pool while enjoying the breeze and listening to an Ud player who guessed we were honeymooners and started playing Arabic wedding march anthems for us. I had the best fish ever at this dinner, I must have asked the waiter about the name of that fish type a million times but I never got it' it was a white meat fish fillet topped with tons of origin, lemon slices, and olive oil and it was the most delicious, most scrumptious thing ever, just thinking about the taste again...yumm

This is the modern part that I spoke about, this is where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served

you can see how the spa section and the story above full of guest rooms were completely done in a contemporary style

the roof top in this hotel is great, fully equipped with a grill and modern lounge chairs and a panoramic view of the city, with the hotel being on the top of the hill, this place would probably rock at night and it overlooks great parts of the hotel that you can see in the following pics;

I absolutely loved the seating they had on this roof top, guess who's on that chair?

ok so comes the last part in my pic-tour which is the room we staid at

we staid at a duplex room, a really beautiful modern/Moroccan room with a big bathroom and a seating area

the one thing I forgot to photograph in this bathroom was the great shower; a big shower with modern fittings and a frameless pristine door.

But seriously if traveling around and you'd love to experience true luxe living and mouth watering gourmet food you have got to go to a Relais & Chateaux hotel, check their website for a list of properties that they own around the world.

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