Sep 23, 2013

P for Purge

As summer vacations are well behind us and the back-to-school rush settle down, at least I think it did?, comes the time to purge and de-clutter.

I know most people call for spring cleaning and I'm all for it except I think there are specific times when de-cluttering and organizing your wardrobe and closets becomes a big task that you need to tackle it a couple of times a year and the best time to do that is in between seasons and at the end of vacations.

As you are about to put away your swim suits, flip flops, and short shorts and bring out your light cardigans, scarfs and closed toe shoes make a point of addressing the rest of your closet especially before going out shopping for new items.

These are basic rules that you can go by to purge your wardrobes content and any other uncategorized piles of "stuff" that you might have laying around in a box

When it comes to clothes and while sorting them out ask yourself the following questions;

* When was the last time I wore it? if it was more than 6 months ago and is not a seasonal item (winter/summer) through it out because you most likely won't wear it again. The same goes for that really nice item that you only used once and then decided you don't really need it.

* Does it fit me? if it's too big or too small through it out immediately, keeping clothes that are too small will not make us loose weight and holding onto pieces that are too big as a safety net in case we gain that weight again encourages weight gain and just takes up all the space in your closet. The same goes for items that are not really you and you can replace with ones that represent you.

* Is it fit for purpose? ladies, if you are not planning on having any more kids through out these maternity clothes. They will just make you look bigger and frumpy and no body likes that. Give them to someone who needs them more. The same goes for things that no longer serve a purpose in your house or are age inappropriate (eg; old toys,etc). 

* OMG, I have that?! if you find yourself asking yourself this question, through it out. If you didn't know you had a piece of clothing or an item then you most likely won't miss it or notice that it's gone and in the meanwhile it's just eating away space in your closet.

* How many of those do I have? If you have more than one say, black leather jacket that are almost identical or short pink skirts then keep only one and get rid of the extras. You will find out that you always stick to one piece and abandon the rest so unless your starting a collection you know what you have to do. The same goes for having 5 similar pairs of scissors (unless you have an arts & crafts related hobby)

* Is it seasonal? if the question is yes and it is not its season then store it away on a high shelf or closet. The same goes for shoes and accessories. The same goes for items not just clothing such as; Christmas decoration, etc...

* Is it a basic item? if the question is yes and you do frequently use it then hold onto it.

* Is it in? We sometimes find ourselves buying items that are so in right now and happen to be the latest trend, a few years later or a decade maybe? suede boots with tassels, unless you participate in rodeo shows, and leg warmers and headbands get dropped off the must have list and become a burden to your wardrobe shelves and closets, through them out.

**by throwing them out I of course mean donating them to charities which will make a better use of the items/cloths and give them to the less fortunate.

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