Sep 12, 2013

Masks for Kids Ages 8 to 10

So once again I was a TA! :D I never expected that being in the academic side of art and working with young children would be so rewarding and so much fun. The things they say are the cutest things ever!

I assisted in a community class for kids at VCUQatar yet again. The age group was 8-10 however we ended with mostly 6 years old kids

The kids were first introduced to different masks from the world's history and were asked to choose an image and paint the same mask in the image, they were then asked to draw and paint their own mask which will afterwards be turned into a clay mask to cast a plaster mold in which they will eventually pour plaster mix, remove it from the mold and paint it/decorate it. It's amazing how free and creative younger children are as no one at that age had forced them into being structured in the same way we are structured in.

I will leave you with some of the pictures but once again you must check out VCUQatar's ongoing community classes for adults and children, they cover so many different aspects of art and design and provide courses you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else in Doha, Qatar.

I unfortunately do not have any further pictures of this class due to us being hands on with the kids after this point in finalizing the clay masks and then working with the plaster but hey stay tuned as it seems I might be doing more of these courses and you will get more pictures :)

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