Apr 12, 2013

Late Spring Community Classes at VCUQatar

Hello everybody,

This must be my shortest post ever but it's just to let you all know that VCUQatar posted a list of their late Spring community classes for registration on the university's website.

So if you have found the last two posts on the class I assisted in presenting to children at VCUQatar during the Spring community classes Music & Art Exploration to Kids aged 11-14 interesting you must check this link.

The classes are mostly offered in English, a few are usually offered in Arabic. Most of the classes are offered to adults but some are specified as being children classes and ages groups are stated for each of the children classes.

Some of the offered classes are on; Photography, Film Making and Editing, Oil Painting, Watercolor Painting, Portrait Drawing, Fashion Courses, Interior Design Courses, Graphic Design Basics, Ceramics, etc...

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