Apr 5, 2013

Kids Music & Art Class 2

Hey everybody,

Here goes my second post regarding our ongoing Kids Music & Art Exploration class at VCUQatar
If the pictures and videos from our class seemed interesting to you or your children I strongly suggest that you check the available classes being offered this late spring at VCUQatar on the community classes page which cover a wide spectrum of Art fields for all sorts of age groups for children and adults conducted in both Arabic & English.

The following pictures and video are all from our last Saturday class where the kids were shown 3 different ways of decorating their clay tiles which they created by impression- they transformed their 2d designs earlier to 3d cardboard and polystyrene boards and used a rolling pin to print the design on the boards onto clay. The clay used here is just regular clay bought at a craft store, it's the air dry type that doesn't need to be baked to harden.

Mixed media used in this class: Acrylic paint, UV Glue, Colored Tissue Paper, Ink, Brushes, Roller Pins, Cardboard, Polystyrene, Air Dry Clay.

The students were showed a demonstration on how to decorate their clay tiles by Verity using Ink, paint, and tissue paper

One of the students was done decorating her tiles last Saturday and she assembled the clay tiles in the form of an open top box to catch a nick-nacks and store brushes and pens. She colored each tile monochromatically using mixed media.

Clay tiles done by the students

The finished tiles were left to dry.

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