Apr 1, 2013

How to Mix Paint, Rembrandt Style

Hello Everyone,

First of all before I get into the details of what this post is about I'd like to wish everyone who's been celebrating Easter a belated Happy Easter.

For some reason I feel very "Academic" today and for that I decided to throw some demonstration videos on art your way.

The very first post as apparent from the title is about Mixing Paint the Rembrandt Style. I took a family trip last June to Amsterdam, one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I encourage you all to go visit especially artists and people who are interested in art in general, there is a reason why a lot of the greatest artists are Dutch or went to The Netherlands for inspiration.

I will post some pictures that I took in Amsterdam later on in different posts but this post is completely dedicated to The Rembrandt House Museum which is in Rembrandt's House in Amsterdam, his house/studio was preserved as a museum and a new extension was added to his house to double as an exhibition section. In Rembrandt's Studio inside his house an Artists was doing some demonstrations on the painting tools, pigments, and techniques that used to be utilized by Rembrandt and his pupils which followed him, assisted him, and learnt from him as his apprentices.

Just standing in his house/studio and being surrounded with everything Rembrandt (the square outside is house is actually named after him) made me feel like a child on Christmas morning....that's weird being a muslim let me rephrase that...hmm...it made me feel like a kid in disney land for the first time? or at a candy shop! here that's more like it ; )

Oh and for anyone who does not know who Rembrandt is, HA! (HUGE GASP) am not judging, its ok, you can read about him right here 

So without further due I will leave you with the pictures we took at the Rembrandt House and the video I recorded of the artists doing the demonstration, I apologize for the quality of the videos, it was dark in there and I was still trying to work out the camera options on my camera.

Rembrandt's House is the building with the green door and shutters, the modern building to it's left is an expansion to the open museum in his house that holds an exhibition of his painting and printing work 

Rembrandt's Bedroom & Living Area

Rembrandt's Box-Bed

Rembrandt's Clients Waiting Room & Client's Entrance

Rembrandt's Paint Studio

Excuse the over dose of joy, I was on cloud 9

each color and the corresponding rock/stone that the pigment is taken from

pigment powders, paints, and oils

The artist demonstrating how Rembrandt used to mix paint in Rembrandt's very studio

And here are the videos I promised of that same artist doing the demonstrations.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

These are pictures of the exhibition extension added to the Rembrandt House that show his work with different media.

this is a view of the inside little open court

A note that I left at the Rembrandt House thanking them for taking care and reviving this beautiful house

Rembrandt Square

On Cloud 9 I tell you!

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