Mar 1, 2013

IKEA Opening in Doha Soon!

For a person like me who's engaged to get married, the opening of IKEA in Doha can't come soon enough!

I'll be starting a family; getting my own place and furnishing it as a bride-to-be and an interior designer. If you thought it was hard for you, think again! it's super hard when a designer is designing for themselves...on a budget.

IKEA is opening on the 11th of March in Doha as the first shop to open in the Doha Festival City project on North Road.

For all of you planning to remodel or furnish a new home, you should wait until IKEA opens and definitely check it out.

IKEA is well known for its affordable prices, beautiful designs which are highly customizable, and brilliant services.

Also a really nice in-house restaurant which serves mouth watering dishes.

I will leave you with the link of the IKEA current catalog and the announcement of the opening as it showed on Doha News.

Ikea Catalog Page

Doha News, IKEA Opening 11th March in Qatar

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