Sep 30, 2014

Get 50% off on your Dressing Room design fees

Hi ladies and gents! in relevance to my last post here on the blog, I've decided to offer a 50% off design fees offer for dressing rooms design where I'd design and execute the dressing room of your dreams. The total fee for designing and executing dressing rooms would be a fixed price of a total of 1500 Qr per dressing room and that will include designing the entire space of the dressing room; wardrobes, vanity, lighting, walls, seating, decor, etc. and transforming the place from an empty room to a completed wardrobe.

The offer is valid until the 31st of December. Grab this offer now and start the year with a brand new room in your house fit for a fashionista. For info or to use this offer contact me via e-mail at

Terms & Conditions Apply;

-The fees for getting your dressing room designed and managing fit-out + specifying and supplying furniture and fittings will be a unified fee of 1500 Qr

-This offer only applies to Dressing Rooms design fees and does extend to other rooms within your house.
-This offer applies to design fees and does not include the actual cost of materials & furniture specified in the design.
-By using this offer you agree to have your dressing room photographed and the photos be used for advertising purposes.
-This offer ends by the end of this year 2014
-The designer has the right to change any terms and conditions at any time during the length of this offer without changing this ad.

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